Title: Helena Eisenhart FW23, 2023
Soundtrack: Bapari

Description: Runway soundtrack for Helena Eisenhart’s debut collection at New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2023

Title: Oura Soundtrack, 2022
Soundtrack: Bapari
Director: Alima Lee

Description: This online campaign for the smart ring company Oura was made in partnership with WNBA Star Nneka Ogwumike. The video highlights a discussion surrounding women’s health and wellness.

Title: Chromatic Interfaces, 2022
Music: ‘Aftershock’ by Bapari
Video : Tânia Franco
Exhibition Design: Pedro Galego, Bernardo Coelho and Nuno Vitorino
Live Visuals: Bárbara Paixão and Pedro Galego

Description: Chromatic Interfaces is a collaborative series between Portugal-based media company Mecha Studio and record label XXIII. The series exhibits audio-reactive visual installations, meant to explore experimental live visuals for events.

Title: Foundation Soundtrack, 2022
Soundtrack: Bapari
Director: Alima Lee

Description: This original song was created by Bapari for the NFT platform known as Foundation. The track was featured as part of an online campaign where NFT artists discussed the future of Web3 and decentralized blockchains. Full video can be watched here

Title: Thousand Miles, 2022
Soundtrack: Bapari

Description: Bapari’s remix of Vanessa Carlton’s ‘Thousand Miles’ was used by the fashion brand Barrágan in an online promotional teaser video for an event known as Techno En Tu Idioma. The full video can be watched on Instagram or Facebook.

Title: Reasons, 2022
Music Production: Bapari
Vocals & Film: Davia Spain

Description: Reasons is one of several musical collaborations between Bapari and Davia Spain. The song was originally released on Davia Spain’s debut album Dawning. The accompanying videowas made in collaboration with the Transgender District.

Title: ADRIFT, 2021
Soundtrack: Bapari
Film: Bapari

Description: ADRIFT is an audiovisual piece meant to explore themes of wanderlust, aimlessness, expedition and flotation. The soundscape/score is an original composition by Bapari. The accompanying visuals are from and around Los Angeles and serve to involve the viewer with the journey. This project was created by Bapari in response to the NOW WHAT open call presented by Navel Gallery in DTLA.

Title: Vectors of Adverse Desires, 2020
Soundtrack: Bapari
Performer: Randy Reyes

Description: This collaborative audiovisual performance piece was created for the New Original Works Festival at the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater aka REDCAT. The soundtrack intends to immerse - it employs aquatic anecdotes weaved between sonic deconstructions to create dynamic ebbs and eruptions of sound. Randy activates principles of contemporary dance, Qi energetics, endurance art, and structured improvisation, against the pulsating music composed by Bapari in service of constructing and deconstructing physical and sonic terrains.

Title: On Matter(ing), 2019
Score: Bapari
Film: Alima Lee
Words: Patrisse Cullors

Description: Focusing on themes of intersectionality, Bapari and filmmaker Alima Lee collaborated to create  'On Matter(ing)'. This work debuted at Red Bull x Compose LA. The project features words from their interview with Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors, whose commentary aloft the score reinforces and contextualizes the themes of the project. Additionally, the piece features vocal performances by singers Davia Spain and Earth To Jordi. Most recently the film was featured in Cult Classic Magazine.

Title: No Sesso SS20, 2019
Soundtrack: Bapari

Description: Runway soundtrack was created for the LA based fashion brand No Sesso's SS20 runway show at New York Fashion Week. In a feature on Bapari Paper Magazine described as the soundtrack as "bombastic and eviscerating."

Title: The Halftime Show, 2019
Score: Bapari
Performers: Alexsa Durrans & Miles Brenninkmeijer

Description: The Halftime Show was a collaborative dance piece that debuted at Pieter Performance Space in Los Angeles. The piece was choreographed and performed by Alexsa Durrans and Miles Brenninkmeijer. The accompanying music was improvised and live composed by Bapari.

Title: Channelling Calafia, 2018
Score: Bapari
Film: Beatriz Moreno & TheUhuruverse
Musical Performers: sondriaWRITES & TheUhuruverse

Description: Channeling Calafia is audiovisual performance piece that originally premiered at the MexiCali Biennial Launch at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions aka LACE. The film was accompanied by a live dance performed by the artist collective Snatchpower. The soundtrack for this project blended afro-indigenous sounds with modern elements of hip-hop and electronic music.